Thursday, July 18, 2013

NC tarpon report, snakes and wild cats in the trees

Got a good tarpon report from Tom Cat yesterday, sounds like he was steadily putting them in the air.   Should be a great Oriental Rotary Club tarpon tournament coming up next weekend, July 27/28.

Awesome hunting continues here in Argentina, Never Enough got down here and hunted yesterday afternoon and this morning.   He is hunting with his 3 sons, two hunters/blind.   Big Jim has averaged almost 2 ducks/minute, getting their "limit" in less than 45 minutes each morning.

I was really worried about the hunting this week, we are in the middle of a major flood down here and the birds are using different areas each day.   The water has risen at least 6 feet in the past several days.    No problem with finding the ducks, it has been more difficult to find places with water levels below the waste.

 As a result of the rising waters, animals from the flooded fields and islands are seeking high ground.   Any tree or bush is full of frogs and occasionally snakes and other small mammals.   The guys today saw a bob cat seeking refuge in a tree behind their blind.   Every blade of grass is loaded with crickets and bugs.  When the water inundates the fire ant nests, they hold on to each other forming a floating ball the size of a cantaloupe, drifting with the wind and current to high ground.  

Hope to have some pics for you soon, depending on the wifi signal which is a bit week.