Thursday, July 18, 2013

Argentina duck pics

A nice limit

 The big ducks:   Below a hen and drake rosey-bill.   These are the most popular big ducks, about the size of a canvasback and decoy much the same, most of your limit usually comprises of these guys.
 Below are the three tree duck or whistling duck species, locally called wigeon. These are my favorites, the white faced tree duck , black bellied tree duck and fulvious tree duck.   These are very wary, high flying birds that respond well to electronic calls. Like pintails, they will often circle several times, you better keep your head down.   When they commit, be sure to wait until they are right on top of you, when you jump up, they just kind of hang there allowing for 4 or 5 shots all well within range.
I have no idea what the below duck is, nor did our bird boys, perhaps due to the rising water, this guy escaped from a local farm.  The bird boys wanted to keep it to show their friends. 

 See what happens to you when you go over your limit?  Tommy got handcuffed to the police car by the local police....who happened also to be our driver.  He was able to negotiate his release after trading his hunting hat for a San Javier police hat.  Not a bad deal.