Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good fishing continues and the snook

The boys did fish like they were in a tournament on Sunday.  The sailfish have pushed in really close, up on the bank and in less than 400 feet of water.  James and the boys had a "double digit" day and while trolling around, they marked some great grouper rocks, dropping down to check some of them out and ending up with "double digits" of groupers.

Did the same thing yesterday.  Really, really good sailfishing and bottom fishing.   I have noticed a lot of smaller sails.....is this an indication of new fish joining the adult population?  There are still those 100+ pound bruisers out there, but it's good to see some little guys.

As many of you know, I've got this thing about fishing for snook from the beach.....and I'm not very good at it, but boy was I close today.   I got there a little late  and as I was making my way down the beach I saw some pelicans working glass minnows.  Outside the pelicans were some huge explosions.  I got an up close show.

By the time I got there things had settled down, I had a couple of little bites, swats at the Mirror Lure.  There were lots of little jacks and unidentified tropical species that were cutting through the glass minnows which were flickering and flashing all through the dirty water,  inside the breakers.

On the edge of the occasional breaking waves was a sharp color change where schools of mullet cruised back and forth down the beach.  This is where I was casting and this is where I saw a coordinated attack by 3 really nice snook, each well into the teens.  One of them somersaulted through the bait 30 feet in front of me, it's pack mates showering mullet and glass minnows caught up in the fray.

One time I thought I got a good bite, but it was brief and I didn't connect.  What I felt on the other end of the braid was.....heavy.......other than that, no bites.

I will be there at daylight in the morning.