Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 2

James has made all the right moves, hope that we can make him proud tomorrow. We again started with one of the first fish of the day and took the lead, adding 10 sailfish to our Day 1 total by lunch. Then our bite died and the radio fired off as other boats continuously started reporting fish. Over 100 fish were caught in less than an hour.......except us. Although James prefers to fish alone, he had no choice but to pick up and run to the bite. Soon after putting them out, we caught 1 out of a double header, then 1 out of a triple header. Very frustrating not to have a better average, but the dozen sailfish releases that we racked up in the last couple hours of the tournament have put us out in front on the end of Day 2. With that crazy sailfish bite, anything can happen today. I'm heading out the door and hope to have a good report for you this afternoon.