Thursday, January 10, 2013

Really excellent fishing in Costa Rica

As with the fishing reports in North Carolina, when the fishing is really good, I don't like to get into the numbers.  It's not a competition out there and a good day on the water should not be defined by the numbers or the weight of your cooler at the end of the day......usually fish in the cooler should outweigh beers out of the cooler as a general indicator.....

  With an average of 4 people on the boat, a "double digit day" means that everyone caught a couple of fish.  Good enough, but sometimes it gets better.    When it does happen, it's even more fulfilling when you have people on the boat who appreciate a great day.

Right now we're having some great days........good enough that today we had one customer on the boat and he wanted a marlin.  Instead of opting for the steady sailfish bite, Capt. James and crew of the Dragin Fly gave our single angler a double digit day on sails, dorado for dinner and his first blue marlin.   We didn't fly as many flags (we don't fly flags....again, it's not a competition....until next week), but we gave our guy a trip of a lifetime today.