Saturday, March 5, 2011

last Day Report

Our average went up, 12 for 15 bites today.

All day long we had sails swimming around the boat, but they never turned on. Bet we saw 100 fish today paddling along and sunbathing.We learned a lot about feeding finicky sailfish over the past three days.......

..... but the most important thing that we learned is not to let a tournament get in the way of having fun......and we had fun.

Ended up catching over 40 sails in 4 days, including the half day practice day, all hooked on our own.Good fishing.
There are a lot of fish around and fishing should be good for a while.

And a congratulations to the Game On, Gotcha and the Big Oh, you guys were battling it out all day, impressive work, the Game On had 57 sailfish and one marlin over 3 days. Gotcha and Big Oh, right on their heels with 55 sails and a marlin, Gotcha won "on time" catching their last fish first.