Sunday, October 31, 2010

Drum, albies and drum

It's been windy, real windy, with the exception of yesterday. On Friday, Capt. Brian Harrington took some fresh mullet and took advantage of the wind which makes for real good puppy drum fishing.....and it was, catching better than 50 pups and yearlings. On Saturday, the wind laid down and it was beautiful on the East Side. There were plenty of albies and they were much larger than the week before, unfortunately, they were eating really small bait which made them a bit finicky and tough to catch. The day saver was a school of big drum, mixed in with spinner sharks. Under the sky-rocketing spinner sharks were the drums and they readily ate if you could keep up with the fast moving schools, marking them on the depth finder and dropping buck tails down to them.

More wind this week, but at least it's out of the right direction. It'll be tough on the East side, but NE wind makes it calm along the beach for the albies and rough in the river (good for the drum).