Tuesday, October 19, 2010

pups, pups, pups

A little blustery today, no albies, just too snotty out there, so we hit the marshes and explored. We caught A LOT of fish, but not much of anything other than this nice pup. Although we may have lost a lot of trout in the freeze last year, before they died, they made a big crop of little ones that did survive the winter and are now 12/13 inches. I saw a lot of them here at MHC and Capt. Ray and Gary are seeing a lot of them in the Neuse. Looks like it's going to be a good trout year next year......if they don't get frozen. In addition to the over-size slot pup and little trout, we caught lizardfish, a sea mullet, a spot, several pinfish and a short flounder.......entertaining, but nothing red hot.

Capt. Gary on the other hand got to sight cast to a big school of nice pups on the calm side of the river, see below, perfect for the fly rod. Capt. Ray was burning them up around Point of Marsh, catching 30 or more slot and over slot-sized.