Monday, October 11, 2010

Bluewater Fly Slam

Warren had a tough trip fly fisihing for tarpon. He got his tarpon and a big jack on the fly, but must have been saving up his luck for today. We start off teasing a dolphin up, no bites on the fly, but James did hook him on a ballyhoo......I later put a little too much heat on him and pulled the hook.....guess I was still tarpon fishing. A few minutes later, the next bite is a sailfish on a ballyhoo, which I flagrantly sancocho, James hooks him up.....I pull the hook.

School of tuna on the horizen and Warren and I double up, one on a cedar plug, the other Dragin Fly. Another tuna on the popper/spinning rod and we're back to billfishing, looking that big marlin that was eating tunas on the outside of the school. No bites on him, but we did get a hot sail on the left teaser and Warren did an excellent job, great hook set, great fight and his glory shot.

Little later Berto hooks a cow dolphin on the fly and the big bull is right with her. Berto chuncks out a ballyhoo teaser and teases up where he crushes Warren's popper. Tuna on the fly, sail on the fly and bull dolphin on the fly. To top off the fly grand slam, with 8 minutes before lines out, another hot sail is on the right teaser and Warren catches his butt also.

Pretty work