Friday, February 12, 2010

Overnighter Report

Great trip on the way out there with a steady bite of sails out to 75 miles, catching 3 on the fly, plus another 10 on bait. The sails were really aggressive, often with 2 or 3 fish coming on the teasers with great bites on the fly. Chela fixed up a dorado for dinner, then when it got dark there was a steady supply of squid coming to the lights. We understood why everyone wanted us to bring back fresh squid, a little butter and about 1 minute in the microwave....Que rico.

We ending up with about 150 squid, sending them back down on hooks and glow sticks in hopes of a sword, but no luck. We did catch 2 deep water sharks, black with big eyes, and 3 sailfish at night, the sails were 3 inches long and came up to the lights, catching them in a dip net. Very cool.

Nice trip back home with a wahoo bite, several dolphin and a couple of grouper that couldn't resist the fresh squid.

We didn't see the marlin that we were looking for, but congratulations to Chad and thanks for the pic of the marlin he caught on another boat that we booked for him out of Los Suenos.