Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I got snooked again

The big toe has healed and I've started to venture into the surf again. I went with Pepe from the hotel two days ago and he gave me a clinic on how to catch 10 pound snappers on mirror lures. I went back yesterday and fished about an hour, just as I was leaving I saw a big snook running foot long mullet in a foot of water, pushing a heck of a bow wave as the terrified mullet would jump ahead of it, only landing in a pile of white water. I regrouped, caught a mullet with the cast net and after about 45 minutes, I got the bite.......and missed it, pulling the mullet out of a 15-20 pounders mouth only to have him attack his lost meal again, missing it in the breakers.

Heading back to the beach now, maybe today is the day, officially I am 0 for 1 on bites and 0 for 3 on attempts, but I received a little motivation yesterday.

On the sailfish front, good stead fishing, catching 100 sails this week. That is a welcome change to the 2-5 daily bites that we were getting. Who says that they don't like a full moon?