Saturday, February 27, 2010

No tsunami here in Costa Rica

I was on the way to go snook fishing this morning when the tsunami warning came up. I can just see it, me, standing in chest deep water, fishing rod in hand on my head that wide-brim funny hat with the lures hanging off of it, staring up at a 20 foot wave breaking over my head.

I went yesterday and saw him, crashing bait and jumping completely out of the water, reminded me of a tarpon. I never got a bite, also reminding me of tarpon, but I felt that I was really close. I was supposed to pick up customers at 9:45 am, but the snook sucked me in and when I got to the van it was 10 am and the phone was ringing. Anna chewed me out pretty bad, but all was well, she got the guys a cab and I met them at the canopy tour, everyone was happy. I was determined to be back after him today, but the tsunami warning kept me off the beach.

It must have also shut down the bottom fishing, no luck there and another slow bite offshore. Some tuna showed up to the west, with some marlin mixed in, we'll be heading that way tomorrow.

Anna has me in the penalty box, it may be a few more days until I get another chance at the snook.