Sunday, February 21, 2010

I caught a wahoo

....and that was about it. I think that it's being chalked up to El Nino....same reason for the crazy winter at home? On day 3, 43 boats failed to catch 100 billfish, we didn't help the tally and scored a big goose egg......although I did catch a nice wahoo and dolphin.

In 3 days of fishing, we saw only 14 sails, got bites from 10 and caught 9, normally a decent day of fishing. To say the least, things are off a bit.

On the positive side, the roosterfishing remains good and offshore there is a lot of bait, maybe this upcoming full moon will help pick things up just like it did in January.

Congratulations to the Big Oh who won this leg of the tourney and the overall, taking about $100k.

The Spanish Fly was right there with us going into day 3, but they got the right bite, landing a marlin which was enough to move them up to 3rd place where they held by getting there first.

I see a little snook fishing in my future.