Saturday, July 20, 2019


This second trip to Africa, like my first trip 10 years ago, was amazing and life changing.    I am so gratefull to have had the opportunity to share this again with my wife and now with my brother and 7 other fantastic people. 

It was a relatively long trip, with long flights, hundreds of long miles on dusty roads and 6 national parks.  In most camps guarded from the wild sounds of the night by Masai warriors with  sticks and spears, in the cities by layers of guards, gates and guns,

I am happy to be back in the United States of America and with a renewed appreciation for the opportuities and freedoms that we enjoy.  There is no wonder that so many people give up everything and are literally dying to get here.  It is shameful that so many of our own citizens take for granted and do not take advantage. 

I am thankful for those who have fought and died for us to have these opportunities and freedoms.  

Enough of my rant, enjoy some pics: