Thursday, September 20, 2018

social media, chain saws and drum

You know how I hate social media but I have seen where it's a good thing, someone needs something, they throw it out there on the facebooks and bam, things happen.  You know who does not have social media ? The elderly.

I stopped into Oriental to see what was needed, they just got power back, they are getting a steadly stream of supplies but there are some seniors in need of labor.  I got a list from the town manager of a few folks in some serious need and am headed that way on Saturday with Anna.   Asking for volunteers to meet us Saturday morning in Oriental. 

Anna asks that some of the volunteers take the chain saw I bought away from me.   I finally got it started and after cutting 3 limbs the whole damn thing came apart in my hands.  Shit was flying everywhere.  I got it "fixed", but someone other than me should check this thing out. I do know that it cuts better when the chain is going the right direction.  I am much better at dragging limbs around. 

Labor with yard clean up, tree removal and insulation removal is seriously needed.  In many cases professional services are required and a fund is being developed to recieve donations.   More on this later.

Any of you who have bought bait from "Bruno" at Endurance Seafood should know that despite losing almost everything he has been serving hot meals for volunteers at night in Oriental.   A lot of heartwarming stories of neighbors helping neighbors. 

On another bright side, there were a couple of big drum caught on corks today at the mouth of the river.  There are still some fish around, but I hope you can give 'em a break for a day and join us in Oriental this weekend.