Monday, January 2, 2017

you gotta understand....... ain't about the ducks, but the duck hunting and the opportunity.    Most folks don't understand that legally hunting wild ducks is extremely inconsistent and the fact that you are paying for a guide does not even entitle you to fire your gun.  
If you can pay a couple hundred bucks a head for the opportunity, then I can give you a number, but Down East does not endorse or recommend duck guides.  Too often, customer expectations exceed reality and I don't want to get in the middle of it.  

For fishing, ring me up and we'll stand behind our recommendations.  If you are still glutton for punishment.......and I do occasionally enjoy the below kind of punishment, here are some pics from Capt. Ray:
 Most of the "sports" have no clue of the costs and work it takes to put out a spread like this
 Three oddballs in one day, you never know what might happen: Red heads are seldomly seen up the Neuse, rarely are wood ducks shot over open water and only occasionally are sea ducks taken from shore blinds.
Ten ducks is a really good limit for 5 people, the above is an excellent morning.   Yup, that's the reality, 2 bluebills per person is a legal limit, so 10 bluebills is a great day for 5 guys.   The extra ring neck, scoter and handful of buffleheads and ruddy ducks are just a little over half of the total 6 duck/person limit allowed. When people ask "what is the limit?  I want to hang up the phone because it just doesn't matter, you'll never see it."