Thursday, December 22, 2016


Not much of one, but here it is.   I have duck hunted more this year than in the past 5 or more put together and it has been quite enjoyable.....probably because there are a lot of ducks and I haven't had to go, I've wanted to go.   It has also been most enjoyable because of the company who has joined me, including a big, goofy yellow dog named Clyde.

There are rumors of a decent trout bite that has materialized in the back of some creeks, but you better be there on the day of the big bite instead of the day after.

Up the river crappie fishing is the big thing.  

At the beach, there are still some trout around but it's better for those who are in the know and go every day.  From my performance on my 3 hour boat ride yesterday afternoon, I am not in that category.   Water was 52 degrees all the way to the shoals and we saw nothing, not even a flip.   Maybe something was happening in the morning or maybe it's on the other side of the shoals where the water should be warmer, but it looked mighty dead between the shoals and Beaufort Inlet yesterday afternoon.

I'll be messing with the ducks for the next couple of weeks, not heading south until sometime in January.   Ring me up if you want to pass some water under your feet and some cold breeze in your face, not sure that we'll get into anything, but man it sure is nice just to get out on the water this time of the long as it's a pretty day.