Monday, November 21, 2016

Trout Question


For about  $500 you could learn a world about trout fishing by getting with one of our guides for a day.

To specifically answer your question about my favorite Gulp! baits.   I like a 3 inch or 4 inch Gulp shrimp on 3/8 oz jig head.  Rig it straight, have whoever sells it to you show you how.   The neat thing about the gulp is that they will hit it while sitting on the bottom.   Don’t fish it too fast, give it a good jerk , let it sit a second and jerk it again.   Cast across the current, if a lot, and fish it until it gets back behind the boat, by then the current is lifting it off the bottom and you won’t get any bites but bluefish, which are indicated by returning with a half a gulp instead of a whole gulp on your hook.   If there are plenty of trout around, they’ll eat that also so throw it back out there, they cost about a buck a piece.

If you are catching bluefish, you are fishing too fast.  Jerk more and reel less

How’s that for a 30 second seminar?

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If Jack only knew that I was no trout fisherman.........but there are enough trout around that I am even catching them, I mean really catching them, some nice 'uns also.   Hope we can keep the hard freezes away, because we are poised to have some world class inshore fishing the next couple of years. 

Pic from my 30 minute efforts yesterday afternoon, burned about a cup of gas.