Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I like this guy, Anna's Australia trip coming together

Hi  Capt. Tim
I have cced my friend and customer Dr. Lee who is interested in possibly fishing with you on those October dates we have discussed for 2017. Rightly so he is concerned that black marlin over 400 pounds might be more the norm than the exception during that time. Can you guys get together and see if this particular trip might be a good fit. I would love to have Lee with us in Australia but I would much rather him catch his black marlin on the fly in a fun and satisfying way. If we think that could happen during the trip we are discussing then wonderful, but if the chances are not great...then we can consider other options.


Hi Anna and Lee,
We have been discussing the option of black on fly during the heavy tackle season and in my opinion it is probably not the best place to come during October with a fly rod. Fish size, weather will more than likely work against you Lee and if you wanted my best pick and where and when then it would be Port Stephens in the Summertime (your springtime), there are good numbers of blacks suited to the fly rod together with a more than healthy population of stripes and blues thrown in
That all being said, yes you will see and cast at blacks on the reef during the time Anna is looking at, yes we do have clients who want to do this at the time stated, yes they understand the fish can be huge and just like I mentioned to Anna you may feel like you are throwing rocks at Gorillas!
Most people who come with the intention of fly fishing the reef at that time usually find themselves swinging off the end of a Penn 130 at some stage anyways due to the above governing factors, weather and fish size.
Please come back to me with any questions you have and I will certainly give you an honest answer where I can.

Best Regards
Capt. Tim 

We are still looking for a couple of couples to join us in Australia in October 2017.    Pull the trigger deadline is coming up.