Monday, August 22, 2016

All you want

Over the weekend, Rod, Mitch, Greg, Ray, Jennings and I all got what we needed with as many as 6 or 8 bites from the big drum in a day  (especially Capt. Mitch on those corks and traps), some of us on some days just a couple, but every day it was what we needed to make a successful trip.   Throw in a keeper puppy drum for everyone on the boat, and it works out to be a great day.   

With this big moon rising later in the evening, they have not been biting when many folks seem to have been fishing.   Things will be back to "normal" soon, especially since this noreast breeze has cooled the water and shoved a lot of fish up the river.   Capt. Greg already called this morning and said it was all you want of the pups and yearlings up to 30 inches.   He got wiped out, stretched out and spooled at least once on the light tackle rods this morning.