Friday, August 26, 2016

Capt. Ken Kramer Report

Although Capt. Ken did make it into the ocean this week and has this report, most of what he is doing is on a little flats boat.   Max of 2 anglers, 3 if kids are involved.   Great way to spend the day chasing pups and trout and it looks like there will be a lot of that around the Morehead City area.  Give us a ring if we can help get you out there with Capt. Ken.   He will be running my Parker in late September and October.

 From Capt. Ken: 
" Hi George    Went to the inlet this morning. It's full of bait balls, macks, blues and jacks. Saw some bigger splashes that might have been alberts or bigger jacks.  Would love it if you send a few trips my direction,   I'm looking for half day ,light tackle and FLY, drum and trout trips close to Morehead City.  I can also do inshore spanish bluefish and alberts in the inlet, but would prefer to do that out of your Parker a when it's available a little later in the season.    Prefer to take 1-2 anglers or 1 adult and 2 kids, can do 3 anglers but it is hard to pole after drum w/ three anglers.  I enjoy poling the skiff, haven't seen any other guides doing that here.   Should not be any trouble throwing the castnet to get live shrimp for trout and drum. Makes a big difference in this hot water."