Thursday, November 19, 2015

Excellent albie fishing Jake Jordan report

Multiple reports of the red bait balls of anchovies that hit the inlets, covered with chewing albies and double digit (XX) days on the fly.

Jake and I both have some openings over the next few weeks and the boats are in the water.

Jake Jordan report:
Greetings from Albie Land:

Well it looks like Albie season has finally begun in the Cape Lookout region of eastern North Carolina. During the last two days (November 15 and 16) I have had the pleasure to fish with Lee Smith from West Virginia, Lee and I met through his love of fly fishing and Mako fly reels. This is the first time in over ten years that lee fly fished for false Albacore "Albies", and yesterday he started with a great day, he caught thirteen Albies from 15 hook-ups, mostly on sinking lines but a few while sight casting on the surface.

    The weather finally cooled the water down to under 70 degrees, which has made the fish bite really good. Today we worked on sight casting a floating line on a TFO eight weight fly rod to Albies busting bait on the surface. Lee did a great job, he hooked five, pulled the hook on one, broke the fly line on another and caught three fish in the 10 to 15 pound class. We are having a great time, and still have a full day tomorrow for a record day! I love my Job, wish you were here, stay tuned for more reports tomorrow.

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