Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guide's Day Off

Capt. Mitchell is the man with the IBX, its good to see him get in on some of the OBX
"Phil and Gene invited me fishing the other day, they said they were going by to pick you up as a surprise but you were out of  town.  Any rate we caught some baits for the well.  After a few in circulation, I looked off in the distance and could see fish working so I told Phil, he quickly made way and pushed me into some Albies cutting small baits.  Gene got one off the bat, i in a scramble to get one on fly watched 3 or 4 fish eat minnows close enough to touch with the pole but somehow they didn't like my figure 8 muskie presentation.  I thought this close it what be a dead ringer.  Down they went with scattered fish popping here and there.  Gene said off to the meat! 
We ran to spot no other boats were on and he said we'll fish 3 rods.  In presentation 101 Gene hollers for me to look at that King!  New zip code is where this fish was taking it's meal.  They walk me through the ins and outs and I land my first King on bait.  Lines go back out as soon as they're placed in the holder ZZzzzzz, fish on!  Fish on!  Fish on!  We took turns on Kings, I watched an Aj eat a bait dangling from the water as Gene was trying to prevent the fish from eating it, that was mighty cool.  Got to see a King eat a bait, got to experience a King eat a bait while rigging it on the down rigger.  That's right, Gene was consistent on telling me how to stay safe in case a fish eats the bait at the boat and while he was clipping the pin asking me to free spool the line rips off.   Needless to say I for to see some amazing things, tested some gear and got to experience some awesome fishing.
Be sure to call Mr. Phil and ask him about the trip you missed,  you will get a kick out of that."


Albie bite was good also, give us a ring to get into some of it.