Monday, May 18, 2015


Today went east, two bait balls on the west side of shark island from which a dozen cobes were killed, 4 of which were taken by spear and skin divers in about 12 feet of water.   We charged north on the east side all the way to the fish camps, saw a couple of big bait balls full of sharks, nothing, went to the D-wreck from which we took a limit of gags, 13 keeper sea bass, 3 trigger fish, 1 amberjack and 3 jumbo sized pinfish which I was told were good eating….oh, and a couple of giant sand tigers.   On the way home we ran into a couple of bait balls on the east side of Shark Island, all by ourselves, couple of sharks and a 64 and 36 pound cobia that will not make it any further up the beach.