Sunday, May 3, 2015

Good fishing ain't always easy.

Just when you think that things are going to fire off, they go into reverse, either from cold fronts, dropping water, heck there is always an excuse.  They're falling back or they're charging up the river, but when they're moving, they are hard to get on, stay on and sometimes get to bite.   The Down East Guides have been getting what they need, banging out between 25-40 fish/half day and getting our keepers.   Now that the keeper season is closed, the parking lot will be empty and the river won't look like a parking lot.

The Roanoke is one of those places that can fire off and make anyone on the water look like a hero.  When it's not firing off, it's like fishing anywhere else.  There are still plenty of fish to be caught, but those who know what they're doing are going to get more action.

Even for good fishermen, there is no substitute for being on the water for most day light hours for consecutive days in a row.   Sharing knowledge, techniques and often bait have been keys to keeping smiles on our customers faces.  I want to thank all of the guides and "regulars" on the river for helping each other out, it's only going to get better from here.