Sunday, March 1, 2015

Tourney recap

Day 1, we did excellent on our hook up ratio, but we just didn't get the bites.

Day 2 and 3, we actually got enough bites to be competitive, but as an angling team, we sucked, connecting with less than half of our opportunities.  It was a very humbling experience.  We have analyzed the tapes and video, consulted with the captain and other professionals and from this experience I really do believe that we have learned a lot.  

Instead of being "as lost as an arrow in a wheat field"  we are slowly becoming "as lost as a ball in high weeds".

Congrats to our friend Tony on Team Galati who won this leg of the Los Suenos Triple Crown with 80 sailfish releases in 3 days.   Second and third place were determined by 3 minutes, each boat with 69 sailfish and 2 marlin.   Both boats have teams of Carolina boys and girls.  The Trophy Box finished in 3rd place, behind the Tranquilo and the Cofers.

On a side note, the Tranquilo is now a licensed charter boat in Quepos and we look forward to working with them in their new home.

4th place was also some Carolina boys with Capt. John Bayliss on the Tarheel with 69 sails and 1 marlin.

The Tarheel leads the Trophy Box by only 1 sailfish for the 3 tournament series that comes to a head in Leg 3 of the Los Suenos Triple Crown at the end of March.

Maybe we can improve our hook up ratio and be competitive in the last of the series.