Tuesday, February 10, 2015

striper seminar from Capt. Mitch

Nothing beats hiring a guide.   Fro $500 and a 3/4 day, guides like Capt. Mitch Blake can teach you a lot........

Tar River is holding plenty of fish   all the way to Washington.  If you have electronics you will see the pockets of fish. 
If you don't know how to use them, fish from the first drop off out to the middle of the river and you will catch fish.  Jig, crank bait, spoon, hair worm- your call, Don't be afraid to go big, there are some nice fish in the system. Do mind the rules, 2 fish 18-22 one of which can be over 27.

Roanoke- Plymouth has a lot of fish they will concentrate on hard bottom mostly in the middle of the river.  Get something 1/2 to 5/8 oz fish the lower 3 ft of the water column.  Again electrons will point the fish if you don't see fish don't stop.  When you find them you're on the mass.  Aim toward the Cashie and Middle rivers first, Winter winds create a flow thats a touch warmer than the Roanoke which attracts a lot of bait and Rockfish.
Do keep in mind Shad are in the system and the Stripers don't mind the meal so when your fishing mimic a herring pattern.  In other words constant swimming will wear out the guy thats ripping a jig around like a crayfish on crack.
Do not keep any fish you will find yourself in a jam.  Coastal inland water markers (orange signs) are not on the correct line and your dealing with 2 agencies writing tickets on an overlapping boundary.
In the sound you can have 3 fish over 18", no slot.  If you don't know the sound don't run it, hire us or wait for the water to warm to avoid anything going south quick.  There are huge stumps in 7-8 ft of water.

By the way pick up some procure add to your bait and you will catch some nice blue cats in addition to the Stripers.

Want to learn the sweet spots call Capt George and ask for Mitchell.  Hope they bite for you,

Don't forget to stop in Jamesville, Cypress Grill and get you some Rock stew and a slice of pie.  Tell Mrs Sally I said hello.   If you need some custom jigs call me, I make a few that your not going to find at the shop and the fish don't mind chewing.

Capt. Mitchell Blake