Friday, March 6, 2015

New Cast Net

I did not go snook fishing and instead ground through a productive day in the office.   I got a new cast net today, big one, 10 footer, hope I don't drown myself throwing that thing from the beach.....if I can open it up, or even worse, get taken out while crossing the croc river.   At least the water is a little clearer and only waste deep at low tide.  I can see my feet which makes me feel better when wading across.  I figure if he comes up to take a bite I might be able to choke him with all that webbing and get away with minimal limb loss .

My last cast net was smaller, I could open it up even in waste deep water, but I got it caught on a log the other day while casting on some mullets about 200 yards up the creek from where Ray hooked his croc.   I'd seen their heads popping up around in the open water, slipping in and out of the mangroves  and a big one sunning on the bank not far from where my cast net was now hung on a log.

I stood there on the bank, looking down at the taunt line on my wrist going down to the water.  It was solid, I could feel the twang of torn webbing when I gave it a good pull.  I kept looking down in the water, thinking of what I would have to do:  follow the main line down to the ring with my hand.  It would probably be about neck deep, probably over my head at the far edge of the net.  I'd probably have to briefly go completely under water to get the ring.    Sometimes it'll come off the log by pulling the ring, but it felt pretty solid, and.......I'd have to duck my head down below the surface of that milky stained water of the estuary.   The water is clean enough, I don't have a problem or fear of some tropical jungle infection and I don't have any problem getting wet, but the thought of ducking my head under and coming face to face with that croc really freaked me out.

Even if I dunked in real quick and got the ring, chances are the only way to get it off that log was for a more lengthy immersion.   I'd have to go down head first with both hands, feel my way around and free the lead line off the far end of the log, then clear away any snagged webbing.

Head first.  Feeling my way around.  Completely under water.  I wonder if the activity of sloshing around fighting with this net has awaken any reptilian "attention"?   I look around.  Don't see any crocs.  I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  OK, here we go.  Head first, nice and slow, then just take a deep breath and pull your way down to the bottom.   Face to face.

Screw the damn net.  It came out in pieces.