Sunday, February 8, 2015

Tipping question


Good question and no problem with quoting me on this.

Tipping protocol is different in different places. 

In short, tipping is kind of like a restaurant, but should reflect the quality of the overall experience, the efforts of the crew and to some folks, the weight of the cooler. 

For inshore guides, usually 15-20%  up to $100 for a great day.  

For NC offshore trips, the mate(s) are more often tipped than the captain who is paid a higher salary or who is assumed an owner/operator, who usually gets tipped less and less often.  Tips are extremely significant to full time professional mates.

For Costa Rica offshore trips, the two mates and captain compile their tips and divide equally, usually about $100/man which is about 15% of the costs of the charter.

Tipping should be done at the end of the trip.   Tips should be appreciated and not expected from the crew.   For a lot of customers, these trips are once in a lifetime events and it is all they can do to put together their savings.   For these customers, the crews should be remembering why they got into the fishing industry, to share with people what we love, and they should give their absolutely best efforts, knowing that there is no grease at the end of the day.    

All the best from the tropics,

Many thanks, Rick.

From: Rick Goines
Sent: Sunday, February 8, 2015 9:16 AM
Subject: Guide Tipping


Got a question from a reader about guide tipping.  Is their a rule of thumb?  I figure 15% of total trip cost for an okay day, and 20% for a good day.  Your take please.  I will NOT quote you on this one.  Please advise.