Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cool shit that I saw today. .

I watched Berto make a beautiful sancocho on a blue marlin today.   She came up on the left side.  He was on the left side and so was a big bonito on the 50 as Berto's pitch bait. My side and my 50 had one of those skirted horse ballyhoo, the right bite size for a striped marlin.   Berto’s blue marlin wanted nothing to do with my smaller pitch bait.  She’s on the left teaser, then Berto’s bonito, a short bite, but no drop back because she didn’t touch it, fading off then back on the bonito, fading off and dash to my pitch bait.  REFUSAL.  Back to the bonito and a ferocious bite, drop back to past the long rigger with plenty of time where it all comes tight and a couple jumps and out comes a beautiful sancocho.  

Makes me feel much better about the sancocho that I made during the tournament with the same size fish on the same size bait with a shorter drop back.  

As Berto shrugs his shoulders and says.   "That's fishing."  

At least we got the bite....and a handful of sails.     

The day before was in the double digits.