Friday, January 23, 2015

If I'm going to get my ass beat...... least it was by a Tarheel.   Actually several Tarheels.  

I heard that Capt. John Bayliss put on a clinic today, catching 47 sails in one day, with other boats left scratching their heads and watching the show.  

The Dragin Fly was nowhere in the area, hoping that the honey hole that James found all by himself and 25 miles away from the fleet, loaded with birds and bait would fire off.  It didn't.  The last two hours of the day, we had 1 bite, which we lost.  

There were a lot of fish around, but they were lazy, gorging on all that bait.   The bites we got were very finicky and our hook up ratio sucked, hovering at 50% vs our 70% hook up ratio yesterday.   Our two day total equaled John Bayliss' Tarheel's one day total of 47 sailfish.  He now has 84 sails for two days.

Some other Tarheels, fishing on the Trophy Box are looking to add a trophy to their collection, solidly in the top 3 with 74 sails.  

The Dragin Fly is currently sitting in 9th place of the 39 boat field with 47 sails.   Hopefully we can gain a little ground on tomorrow, the last day of the first leg of the 3 tournament series Los Suenos Triple Crown.