Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Proud Dad

Good morning George,

I was reading through your fishing reports today as I do about once a week, and I noticed the write-up titled “Cast & Blast”. I can certainly remember a couple of those morning sunrises and more than a few good shoots. But more than anything I remember the laughs and good times and some of those spectacular retrieves by a dog named Ruby. I had guys like Wilbur Vitols and Pete Deichmann in the blind with me, and no doubt I underestimated the quality of my company at that time. Good men for sure.

Not sure if you remember, but my son Tuck, now 18 years old, killed his first ducks with you - and he did it with smoke billowing from a tire rim as steak and oysters cooked behind the blind. Hahahaha man those were some big flocks of bluebills. We were with you for his first ducks, his first tarpon, and his first big drum.

Tuck is a freshman, or “doolie” as they are called at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado now. His hunting days are for the most part on hold for a while as he gets his education and prepares for a career as a military officer. He is on his way to becoming the man I dreamed he could be.  He will be coming home for the holidays Dec 19th and I plan to put him in a blind over some decoys. He has always thought a lot of you George, and if you “dabble” in some duck hunting, please let me know when and where and I will be there.....

I still have my eyes and dreams on an Argentina father/son duck-dove excursion one day.

You are good to go on Dec. 20!.  Looking forward to it.