Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Most Excellent Day and Fall Cobia Run

Not to mention that it was just an absolutely beautiful day, clear skies, calm seas, light to slight breeze, there was some pretty good fishing to be had.  

I did not run into the bait balls of menhaden in the ocean that have been reported the last few weeks, but there were plenty of bait balls of glass minnows and anchovies with albies and bluefish blitzing through them.   Capt. Al Edwards had a banner day with the albies on the fly in that same area.  

We caught some blues, jigged up some spots and pinfish and charged offshore with less than ideal bait for bottom fishing, but it was good enough.   First drop we doubled up with a 12 pound gag grouper and a 30 pound amberjack, catching literally all the amberjacks we wanted to catch, Maximum pulledge.   A few little bass and other odds and ends and we were on the way home. 

There have been multiple reports of cobia being caught and seen over the past few weeks, so just out of habit, I thought that I'd run the bouy chain on the way home.    Twice I ran into big cobia, each one every ounce of 50 pounds and each one very, very finicky, especially with my weak, bottom of the livewell offerings.  I even had a toad fish ready to throw at that big cobia if it came back around.....I bet that would've worked. 

Down the beach the albies were blitzing and it sounded like Capt. Sarah Gardner had the big drum balled up and fly rods doubled up. 

This cooler weather will probably prevent the cobia from taunting me again, but it will fire off those albies.   If you want in, bring it on, we've got openings with some great guides.