Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How can it be so good, then be so bad

Odd day yesterday, fishing from the Crystal Coast to the stained waters of the Neuse/Trent and all points in between has been really, really good, even what some would call "epic" ; but yesterday was a bust.  

Capt. Joe Ward was on a striper/trout trip up the river, fishing places that he has been killing them over the past few days, but for whatever reason they were not chewing yesterday.  Conditions were slick calm with no current, maybe it was too calm.....but that should be perfect for fishing the albies and big spanish at the coast.   It's been on fire there as well.   Joe was ready to load up the boat and head to the beach when he got a call from one of the guides fishing for albies at the Cape.  

The report from the Cape was just as gloomy, not a fin was stirring and only two albies caught by the entire fleet.   They were blaming it on the east wind.

Who knows?  Sometimes you can go to the best place in the world at the best time to be there and sometimes it's still fishing.   I'm on the way to Charlotte to talk with the fishing club up there tonight and will be splashing the Parker tomorrow.......