Friday, August 22, 2014

Nor'easter approaching

....or at least the forecasts shows a pretty good northeast breeze gearing up for a few days.  What is  this going to do to the fishing you ask?    It may slow down the corkers for a few days, but they'll come on strong when the fan blowing that breeze shuts off.    The morning popping cork trips have been tough, with a lot of casting and tired arms, but the guides who are using this technique are  rewarding their customers with a near 100% success rate of hooking up.

The bait guys are getting what they need, but they've had to work for it.   I had a tarpon trip yesterday and I was impressed at the huge area that was marked by occasionally rolling tarpon.  Over several miles of river, from where I had tarpon in my slick to where the popping corkers were working, everyone had a few tarpon making appearances around their boat and lines.   No biters, but that's tarpon fishing.   We did get a few drum, as did the corkers.

Those of you who have fished with us on nor'easters should know that it may be rough, but it's going to be very, very good and will fire off the best of the year.