Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Silver and Capt. another Extreme report

A lot of silver showed up in the river today, but it sounds like they are acting just like tarpon and not very user-friendly.   I'll mess with them soon enough, but for now I'm tied up unpacking and catching up from a great trip to Alaska.   Here is a  Capt. Brian Harrington report from a trip earlier this week.    After about 5 hours of watching "hundreds" of tarpon roll around the boat, it sounds like he moved on to a little more action today.

"A great day with a great captain and person who worked very hard all day.
As we made our way back to Raleigh – Marissa  asked me if I'll take her fishing more often  – magical words!
Thanks to you and Brian for creating a memory for us forever – she leaves NC to start as a Freshman tomorrow  – so thankful for our day on the water -- it was simply a wonderful day.  Thanks so much!"  -----Rob