Friday, April 25, 2014

They can't bite all the time.

Sounds like it was a little tough yesterday afternoon, fish were probably on the move, charging up the river.

Got this report from Anna in China, should make for some interesting discussion when she gets home:

"On boat. Going through lower gorge this morning, middle gorge about 2 pm and arrive at the locks tonight. Do the tour of the dam tomorrow. They did not build swim through for the fish populations so most of their fresh water spawners are dying off.   They have killed off their local river dolphin ...probably ate them. In addition they are talking about 3 huge pipe lines to divert water away from the river to bigger cities.........most of the towns are new since the old ones are now under water. The Chinese  government relocated 1.3 million people from homes that are currently under the water along the river. The damn went online in 2009....... also drowned villages that had been around for 2000 years without giving archaeologist time to protect artifacts.   They are talking about building 14 more dams....... No forest because they cut them down for firewood, no guessed it...they ate all the local critters.
Our future is in the hands of these guys?"