Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pink Panga does it again

"Unofficioal" dates for next year's Los Suenos Triple Crown Tournament Series have been released, so I have been on the computer for the last two days booking up our season for Costa Rica Peak Season December through April 2015.   We still have a few openings, but January and February are almost full.   After I get back from snook fishing this afternoon I will be glad to respond to your e mail requesting dates for your trip for next year.   Do it NOW.  Word has gotten out about the crazy fishing that we are having out of Los Suenos.

I did take a few hours yesterday while on business in Quepos to fish with the famous Capt. Roy Zapata on his Pink Panga.
I've caught a lot of fish with Roy, but when he invited me for a "guide's day off" and go bottom fishing for grouper, I had my doubts.   I've never seen a depth finder or GPS on his boat, but with a hand held GPS and within eye sight of 5 other boats not catching anything, Roy would pull up on the spot and tell us to drop 'em down.   Live sardines went to the bottom and it wasn't a long wait.  Here are the pics......I just don't have the pic of the nice 20 pounder that I caught.

After busting off a couple of Roy's light snook leaders, I put on a little heavier leader and took a couple turns on the drag.  At that point, I was wearing my white boots.   A lot of my buddies are eating grouper tonight......