Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cabin Fever?

Tell me about it.  How about those sand people who are being kept off the islands by the government shut down?

I've had some friends that have been barred from the island, even heard rumor that a Boy Scout troop was ticketed for trespassing at Cape Lookout because they were there for a scheduled Clean-Up and overlooked that the park was closed due to the shut down.   Geeeezzzzzze.  

Not much for fishing reports,  I did hear of another rumor epic topwater trout bite during the gale, wonder which rumor was more accurrate.

I appreciate you guys and gals checking in on my blog, maybe I'll have some stories from Costa Rica soon enough.   For now, I'm almost caught up in the office, cleaned up the garage, got in the yard today to pick up sticks and I am almost booked up for next year, ready for some sunshine and some tarpon in the air.   I'll keep you posted, keep checking in.