Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tarpon Report.......from Costa Rica

 Today was pretty amazing. We broke the Silver King record for the most fish caught on the fly rod in one day. I caught 11 fish before 12 noon. We hooked 22. The largest was 160 pounds. During the afternoon we did not get one bite. What a difference an afternoon makes. A perfect day for my 62 Birthday.

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Lee Smith

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You have been spoiled.

There is nothing lousy about catching 2 tarpon on the fly in a day.

Hope things improve, but if you can catch a couple/day, you’re doing good.

Go get ‘em.


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The fishing was extremely slow yesterday. Three Boats from various sources Were using Bait. They didn't catch any fish.. We were lucky we hook three and caught the 130 and 170. Two great fish on the fly for a lousy day. Also caught a 20 pound Tripple tail on the fly.

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