Saturday, August 3, 2013

Did I get my fish today?

When I arrived on the scene this morning, Bounty Hunter said that I was getting there too late and  that he already had his bite.   I asked him if he got his fish.  He sent me this picture and asked me if I though that this was considered a caught fish.
Yup, I'd say that you got that one.    I did not get my bite.   After about 5 hours I went to the Neuse and I did not get my bite there either.   Wilbur's streak has ended.  Three years in a row ain't bad, I just hope that it doesn't take 15 more years to catch the next one.

Capt. Greg got his bites today, 13 of them, including a BIG drum, 2 yearlings too big to keep and the rest were just right for the Dinner Club, 4 of them were honored guests, the rest are still available for another evening.