Sunday, April 14, 2013

NC Spring Time Offshore Fishing

from Capt. Brian Harrington on the Run Off

Yesterday the weather just flat out sucked.  We had 30+ knts of east 
breeze...and average of 7-9 ft. seas......current into the 
wind.....yuck.  We ended the day with 3 wahoo and 2 blackfins.

Today was a different story....flat calm... no wind.... no 
current.....lots of bites.  Ended up with 10 wahoo and 4 blackfins... 
5 of the wahoo were well over 50 lbs.  We also hooked a Mako while we 
were catching a triple header wahoo..after the jumps ...he got away, 
however I do feel as if we were at a unfair advantage having all of 
those wahoo on too.

Also the boats that jigged today did excellent with the Cobia.  Two 
different boats who I spoke with caught 15 or better per boat.  35lb. 
average with some bigger.

Here is a pic of todays catch.