Friday, April 12, 2013


After winning my last victory in the Oriental Rotary Tarpon Tournament several years ago, I announced my retirement.

After much consideration and support from my friends, my family and especially of my wife Anna,  I have decided to come out of retirement.   I am officially announcing that I will be fishing the Oriental Rotary Club's Tarpon Tournament and Inshore Slam July 26, 27, 28 of this year.

Through my Oriental Rotary Club Tarpon Tournament Career, my greatest accomplishment was in 2007, when Jim "Never Enough" Copland and I won the Skate Division of the tournament.....   That trophy hangs with pride in my office.  

Although I am fishing the Tarpon Division and the Inshore Slam, at my late age....far from my physical prime.....I no longer have the stamina to be competitive against the other great skate fishermen that are out there.  I will not be targeting skates this year.

I do believe that in addition to the much coveted skate trophy, the Rotary Club should offer an official Skate Division with an optional entry fee.  The Inshore Slam entry is $150 before July 15.  Entry for the Tarpon Division is $275 prior to July 15.  Pay-out is good, but the idea of the tournament is to raise scholarship money for Pamlico County students.  
I am very happy that the Oriental Rotary Club will be using observers in this year's tournament.  I believe that the return to this format is good for the tournament and good for the fish. The Oriental Rotary Club is doing good work and I hope some of you will consider fishing this year.

Details of the tournament: 

You may also consider being an observer in this tournament, a great way to spend a couple days on the water with a team of tarpon fishermen

In addition, Down East Guide Service is giving away a FREE day of tarpon fishing on July 25.   That's right, I'm going to "prefish" on July 25 with one lucky tarpon tournament team that enters prior to July 15.

Here's the schedule.

July 25 Prefish with Down East Guide Service
July 26 is the Inshore Slam
July 27 and 1/2 day on July 28 is the tarpon tournament.

Five species, two tournaments, one long weekend.

 Bring whatcha got!