Sunday, December 16, 2012

Giant Stripers

From Capt. Chris Kimrey up on the Bay: 
"fish are still chewing, we had our limit by 830 am today and caught and release until 2. Pics tell the tale!"
-----Capt Chris

From Capt. Rick Andrews on the Pamlico River: 
"We caught this fish near the mouth of the Pamlico River today.  Fish was 49 ¾ inches total length and 26 inch girth.  We estimated it to be right at 50 pounds, according to some of the weight estimate formulas." 

From Capt. Mitch Blake on the Roanoke: 

"I love to put anglers on fish but when you see kids that can throw down with the best of them, it takes it to another level!  Here's one of the better fish that came out of a 40 fish 1/2 day."