Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to hand feed a big blue marlin

1) Make sure that you have a juicy bonito on your pitch bait rod, preferably a 50.

2) Oh, there's a school of tuna up ahead, so take off the bonito pitch bait and tie on your favorite tuna lure, for us a yummie flying fish dangling from the outrigger.

3)  As you approach the tuna school, a big blue marlin should pile on your short left teaser.....

4)  Now hop down from the bridge, grab that bonito pitch bait and the 50.  Chunk the pitch bait to the marlin.......great, he ate it.....BUT....very important here.......make sure that the pitch bait that you throw at the marlin......that he readily still attached to the 50 in your hand......if not, you have just hand fed a big blue marlin with a juicy bonito that is not attached to your rod......or anyone else's rod.

Won't make that mistake tomorrow in the tourney........cause we won't be mess'n with no tunas.