Monday, August 20, 2012

Tough Fishing

Greg got his, a double digit day.  Gary got his, a double digit day.  Brian fished this afternoon and he got what he needed, a double, one for each of his youth anglers.  I got a double also.....but they were 6 hours apart, in the middle of a 14 hour day.  We thought that we had a third citation for our third and final angler, but it turned out to be a skate.  It was good to be around some silver and one of our drum was 50 inches to the fork of the tail. That's a nice 'un.

From an e mail that I just sent Brian sums it up:


Thanks for your hard work and superman efforts.  I'm sure the kids had a great time.

Shame of it is, I fished 14 hours, caught 2 big drum and had 3 tarpon bites.  My customers are a little bit disappointed, but I’m pretty stoked about those 3 tarpon bites.  Makes me want to do it again tomorrow.  It’s a sickness.