Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Few duck pics

 The smiles on these faces are because they know that they cannot have this kind of legal duck hunting anywhere in North America…..maybe Mexico, if you are brave enough to chance the kidnappings and crime.   Very safe here in Argentina, everyone is super nice, food is fantastic, service is first class as well as the hunting.    More and more hunters are coming down here because of the problems in Mexico, therefore availability of prime dates is getting more difficult.   Before I leave next week, I will have tentative dates reserved for next year (first two weeks of July) and also hope to round up a group of hunters for a trip during their spring rice planting season in November, perhaps the week after Thanksgiving.   Although this is a rather expensive trip, with more customers each year I will be able to  negotiate better contracts and provide  the best value for your trip of a lifetime. 

Dad is finding his lead
  I'll be shooting more with a camera over the next few days and hope to get some good pics, the below are up close teal, great sport with a 20 gauge.  

The tree ducks below decoy a lot like pintails, high fliers, but when they do it, it really is beautiful......don't move, keep your head down  and don't shoot when they first get in range.......wait, wait, they're coming back around..
 .....legs down, Take Em.
Unlike some places in Argentina where you are in the middle of a cow pasture and shooting a baited pot hole, these are wild ducks in authentic duck hunting scenery.  It's not a turkey shoot...but good scouting and a lot of work by the bird boys makes it seem that way sometimes.  The guys here have been very impressed with the willingness of the bird "boys" to move to a different location and change the decoy spread until they get it right.