Thursday, July 5, 2012


No pics, cause I didn't catch one, but I did spend several hours each of the last two days around some tarpon.  From my limited observations of just several hours over the last couple of days under rough conditions is that there is a decent number of tarpon around, scattered from Brant Island all the way up both the Pamlico and Neuse.  It's worth doing, you just need to have the bait and the time and most importantly the patience to wait them out.  Eventually they will bite, but for us, we ran out of time and bait.

Packing bags now to head to Argentina with a couple groups of duck hunters.  Keep checking the reports here, I hope to be putting up some reports and pics from the other side of the world as well as passing along fishing reports from the guides in NC and Costa Rica.  Anna will be taking calls at 252-671-3474 and continuing to make reservations for the other Down East guides and myself.

If you want to give those tarpon a shot, there are only a couple of guides that I would recommend.....I'm one of them.   Be prepared for a LONG full day.  Bring plenty of water and food and whatever you do, don't bring bananas.  If you book a tarpon trip, we're TARPON fishing, win, lose or draw.  We're not giving it up after a couple of hours because we don't see them, we're going to look and hunt until we find them.  We're not going to save the day catching specks or flounder or even little drum, we're TARPON fishing. When we do find them, we're going to sit there until they bite or we run out of bait......

I will be back from my travels, will have a few days of getting tuned into the tarpon and have available dates  starting July 29.  From then through Aug. 15, I am hard core TARPON fishing every day that I can get out after them.  I have scattered openings through that period, after that, I only have a couple of openings for drum fishing through September.   Check with us anytime to see if a "tarpon" guide is available.   For the giant red drum, there are a lot more of our guides tuned into them, but their openings are becoming scarce.  Don't be too late for the best of the action in August and September.