Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Glacier National Park has some of the prettiest scenery that I've been around.  Pictures don't do it justice.

And there is plenty to do.......like mountain climbing

             .......or hiking through the woods

Or just sitting on the porch and watching the lake.  Late yesterday afternoon I saw the menhaden popping pretty hard, but nothing was busting in them so I didn't even give fishing a try.
And from the looks of this cat, I was underprepared

I was also underprepared when I met this guy coming on to the trail.   Anna was on the "big hike" with the rest of the tour group.....I thought that 7 miles through the mountains was a bit much for me, so I mosied on back to the lodge.   No need for bear spray, what are the chances?  I flashed a couple of quick shots so that  if they found the camera they would know what happened. 

Lucky for this guy he decided that he didn't want nuthin to do with me and we headed down the path in opposite directions.

 Do you know the difference between black bear turds and grizzly bear turds? 
Black bear turds are full of berries and fur from little animals. 
Grizzly bear turds are full of those silly jingle bells that hikers wear to let the bears know that they are coming around the corner and they smell like pepper spray. 
Now that joke was just unbearable.