Monday, April 23, 2012

Q and A

"Hi George, Hope you have been doing well. We are planing to go to the Roanoke. Do you think May 9th - 11th is to late? When do you think will be the best time? It seems like it is earlier this year because of the warm winter?   Good luck. Thanks Graeme"

It has been warm, so things have been earlier, but this cold snap should put things back where they should be.  The water is low and the fish are spread out from here to Plymouth, if they let loose a little more water, that will trigger some more to come all the way up, but thus far, it’s been tough. 

 I will be here until May 6, not because I think that the stripers will be gone, but because I think that the cobia will be at the coast.  I’m sure that there will fish here, but you know the deal with the fly fishing…'ll pick at just a few fish or you crush them.   Daylight and dusk are going to be best, especially the afternoons before that May full moon.